Bema Baby – Shampoo + Fluid Cream Box 500ml

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“Sweet Bath” Shampoo

With rice starch, organic olive oil, and sweet almond

It is a delicate and neutral cleanser with the triple action of a bubble bath, a no tears shampoo, and soap, ideal for use after diaper change. Made with natural foaming agents extracted from sweet almond oil, potatoes, corn and coconut, it prevents baby rashes and skin irritations leaving the skin moisturized and nourished without altering the harmonious skin balance. It is SLS free (no Sodium Laurel Sulphate). Used together with “Tender Caress” Baby Oil, it helps reduce cradle cap without compromising the natural oil protection of the scalp and skin.


“Soft Velvet” Fluid Cream

Its extraordinary consistency makes this easy-to-spread and rapidly absorbed cream an irreplaceable skincare product for the delicate skin of our babies. The organic olive and jojoba oil in synergy with the shea butter, the aloe vera, and with the distilled cornflower water, also organic, keep the baby’s skin perfectly moisturised and nourished. This essential activity is associated with the mitigating and soothing properties of the calendula extract and distilled chamomile water, which blend with the unmodified rice starch (not mixed with other substances) in the prevention of irritation and redness.

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