Bema Baby – “Soft Velvet” Fluid Cream 250ml

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The new “Morbido velluto” fluid cream of the Bema Baby range. Rich in active ingredients particularly suitable for the delicate and sensitive skin of your little ones, this cream completes the vast selection of our best selling range. In addition to Olive and Jojoba oil and Shea Butter, renowned for their moisturising and smoothing properties, we have added distilled Chamomile water, distilled Cornflower water, and Aloe Vera extract, known to have soothing properties and, last but not least, unmodified Rice Starch (not mixed with other substances).
The strong anti inflammatory properties and the relaxing capability to soothe irritations and redness, makes this an irreplaceable skincare product for the soft, delicate and sensitive skin of your baby.

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