Bema Baby – “Sweet Moments” Bubble Bath 250ml

12,50 IVA inclusa

With Organic Chamomile and Mallow Extracts

A mild and safe formula that cleanses your baby’s skin while soothing and moisturising it. SLES-free. This feature makes this product gentle on the skin allowing for frequent use and ensuring dermocompatibility and daily hydration. The organic Mallow and Chamomile extracts have a soothing and dereddening effect.
They bring restorative and emollient properties to the bubble bath while cleansing and moisturising the skin of your little ones, making it nice and soft. This bubble bath is recommended for children aged two years and up, because that’s when sweat and sebaceous gland secretion changes the lipid composition of the skin, thereby requiring more effective cleansing. Its organic ingredients protect children’s health and the environment.

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