Nature Up – Body Kit 400ml

16,90 IVA inclusa

Its beautiful packaging makes it a wonderful gift for someone you care about or even for yourself!

It contains a shampoo and shower gel and body lotion. Celebrate every day as a new beginning with the extraordinary fragrance of vanilla and tangerine.


Bath and Shower Gel With Mullein and Sea Buckwood

Formulated with extremely gentle cleansing agents, Nature Up shampoo and shower gel is ideal for washing your hair and body every day. A mix of active ingredients, including Buckthorn, rich in vitamins and mineral salts to nourish and soothe your skin, and Mullein, which invigorates and makes skin more radiant. Ginger and ginseng for an energising effect. Without silicones, parabens, sulphate and petrolatum surfactants, both your body and hair will enjoy all the benefits in just one go.

Body Emulsion With Mullein and Sea Buckwood

Delicate emulsion with a moisturising, nourishing and elasticising activity. The presence of ingredients with a soothing and emollient activity and its rapid absorption make this lotion an ideal product for every skin type and for every season: excellent in the winter to nourish very dry body areas or in the summer as an after-sun lotion.

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