Nowadays selling is increasingly complex because the offer is really wide, since hundreds of entrepreneurs have decided to enter the cosmetics market.

It is important to choose a reliable and top-quality product and it is essential to select a professional and fast company, which is able to meet the needs of customers.

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BEMA COSMETICS – ORGANIC Skincare Company since 1968

Research Lab and Production Site

Products available in 20 countries around the world

The cosmetics world is booming and many new entrepreneurs are inventing last-minute cosmetic products and formulas!

From a distributor’s perspective it is important to have a supplier with a solid foundation, certified products and experience in foreign trade.

Bema Cosmetici owns:

1. More than 3 ORGANIC certified lines

2. More than 30 years of experience

3. More than 300 certified products

Are you ready to meet us?

• 4 certifications

• +300 certified products

• 1 Retail line + 1 Beautician line + 1 sun creams line

How was the Bema Cosmetics born?

1972 – Cosmoprof Exhibition – Bologna – Italy

The room is full of graduates, entrepreneurs, managers, men. The speaker has just finished presenting his report. A buzz of consensus echoes in the hall.

You can see a slim silhouette of a WOMAN among them! A GRADUATED woman. A FEMALE entrepreneur. Dr. Luigia Bedendo.

She asks for the floor, stands up and says, “I disagree!”.

Now she’s got everyone’s eyes on her.

 A buzz and laughter of scorn arise, due to what they are seeing and hearing… a woman… preaching that “nature can do better than artificial products”… that’s silly!

Then she goes on without stopping, and with each of her statements the buzz fades, the laughter ceases and someone begins to wave yes with their heads.

It has been 50 years since that day. Today there is the second and third generation at the helm of the company. In addition to the company, they also inherited a passion for natural products, a sensitivity towards environmental sustainability, along with care and attention to customers.

We want to make people more beautiful with the help of nature!

We want to become the number one in the ORGANIC cosmetics field!

Book your seat to have a talk with Mr. Marinello, Bema products formulator!